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Elementary strings program

This program offers free group violin instruction to first and second graders at Jasper Elementary School and Holy Trinity. Research shows musical training improves self-esteem, motor and auditory skills and reading development in school-aged children, amongst the many other benefits of arts-based activities.

Students meet twice a week for thirty minutes during lunch recess to learn the basics of violin, how to read music, rhythms, and pitch. They then have the opportunity to perform in a group for their peers. 

The 2021-2022 school year was the pilot program for both locations and served over 35 kids. 

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Violin Basics

We start with showing them how to properly hold and care for a violin. They are expected to learn the parts of a violin and bow and repeat them back to us.

pitch and rhythm

Students learn Solfege and use their bodies to recognize pitches and intervals. We encourage singing and movement to also learn the basic rhythms of the Suzuki Method. 


music transcription

Students learn to transcribe notes and intervals on a music staff. We teach where notes are placed on the staff, how to recognize them, and finding them aurally.

group playing

Students the have constant encouragement of their peers during performances and group practice. They also have the opportunities to perform for their classmates not participating in the Strings, Inc. program.

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